Wage/declare a war  

Passing from Neutrality or Hostility to [war standing.


A 17 hour military impact between two alliances which grants military points and war incomes.

For detailed information about war’s terms, conditions and goals here.

War horses  

A research which increases all cavalry unitsspeed +3% per level and Charge +2% per level.

War income  

It is given in wood and iron up to 24 hours after the end of the war, to those players, part of the winning alliance, who participated in the battles. War income is equal to 50% of the annihilated enemy armies’ gold equivalent* during the war. There is no deadline for taking the income as long as the player is still part of the same alliance.

* The gold equivalent of the net worth points received for the recruitment of those units, and not the gold equivalent of the resources spent for their recruitment.

NB! No war income is accounted for destroyed fortresses and pillaged population.

Warden General  

One of the two types of the post General. If a holding has a Warden General appointed, they lead the defending army and the defense benefits from their bonuses from skills. If there is no Warden General there, the battle is performed as usual without the general's bonuses having effect. If the general loses а Fortress Siege, field battle or pillage, there is a 1% chance that he might fall slayed. All Great People can be assigned to the post, including the Emperor. Warden General can be relieved of duty at any time.

A Great Person can be both a Warden General and offensive general. However, when they are sent on a mission in attack, and at the same time there is an invasion against the province/colony/military post they protect, they will not participate in the defense and therefore, the army won't benefit from their skills.

For more information about defensive generals click here.

Warrior of the Day  

A daily award, which is granted for exceptional military performance. Each player is evaluated by his battles against other active players. Won military points, pillaged population, point difference between participating sides and amount of losses are all taken into account. This award requires a set minimum of unique battles in the Realm or it won't be given away. The player with most awards Warrior of the Day during the Era will receive a medal at its end.

Weather Forecast  

An in-game weather system, which grants both positive and negative bonuses to players' Empires, which change every 24 hours. For more information read here.

Welcome back protection  

The protection which every player, who has returned to his Empire from an absence of at least 2 weeks, receives automatically upon logging into his account. It lasts for 48 hours and forbids all attacks to and from the Empire.

Wheel of Fortune  

A reward generator in the game. Each 12 hours you see a wheel with different rewards. You can generate new rewards for free a single time. Generating new rewards again will cost you 1700 diamonds. After you spin the wheel, you can't generate new rewards before you claim the reward from the last spin. For each spin or re-spin you get 1 spin point; however, you can't accumulate more than 12 points in 1 day. When you reach certain amount of points, you can get the reward in the chest or keep collecting points for a bigger reward. Unopened chests transfer in next era. The type of diamonds you can earn depends on the type of diamonds used to re-spin the wheel: if you have used purchased, you will get purchased, if you have used acquired, you will get acquired, if you have used expiring, you will get expiring. If you get the diamond reward by spinning the wheel for free (your first spin), they will be the acquired type. If you have a variety of diamonds on hand, the diamond reward will be defined by the type of diamonds with the lowest cost you have, for example, if there are 20 000 diamonds, of which 19 999 are purchased, and 1 is expiring, when re-spinning the wheel and winning the diamond reward, diamonds will be expiring.


16 special buildings which can be built by all players who have already reached 25th level of Architecture. For detailed information, click here.


Produced by hired population in the lumber mills. Wood is required for army recruitment and the majority of Buildings and Technologies.
Gold equivalent: 1 wood = 1 gold

Wood Cutter  

One of the skills available to Governors upon leveling up. Increases Wood Production. Level 1: +2% Production; Level 2: +4% Production; Level 3: +6% Production; Level 4: +8% Production; Level 5: +12% Production

Work vacancies  

The number of villagers that can be hired in a mine.


The population hired in the mines in order to produce wood, iron or stone and be taxed in gold.