Abandoned empire  

An Empire belonging to an inactive player, who hasn't logged into his account for a period of 168 hours. Abandoned empires are subdivided into two types: abandoned empires still producing resources - marked with a chest full of gold, and declining empires - marked with an empty chest. All abandoned empires with active production turn into declining empires when 168 hours have passed from the beginning of their inactiveness. Declining empires stop producing resources.
The travel time to an abandoned empire cannot be less than 2.5 minutes.
There are no limitations of net worth points range for attacks upon abandoned empires. However, no military points and/or honor points are won under any circumstances.
If your account turns into an abandoned empire, don't think it is pointless to return at some point at all. Every player who has got back to his Empire from an absence of at least 2 weeks receives the following generous welcoming gifts so he could easily take up where he has left off:
- all destroyed fortresses are automatically repaired;
- all current happiness values are set at maximum;
- the Empire is under a Welcome back protection, which implies that you can neither be attacked nor send attacks to other players for 48 hours;
- you have the unique right to take the 48 hour production of your Empire for free.

Academy of Military Sciences  

The symbol of knowledge and enlightenment along with the Military University. The Academy of Military Sciences is available in the Capital, exclusively, and its first level can be built after level 20 of Military University. It decreases the research time by 2 times per level from the basic time, therefore 1 level of Academy of Military Sciences has the effect of 4 levels of Military University on the research time. The Military Technologies available in the Military University building are also present in the Academy of Military Sciences. Only their price will be 50% more expensive, the research time twice shorter and you will receive half the net worth points in return for the spent resources. Science officer's Academy of Military Sciences level does not influence Alliance Technologies.

Academy of Sciences  

The symbol of knowledge and enlightenment along with the University. The Academy of Sciences is available in the capital, exclusively, and its first level can be built after level 20 of University. It decreases the research time by 2 times per level from the basic time, consequently 1 level of Academy of Sciences has the effect of 4 levels of University on the research time. The same Technologies you research in the University building are also available in the Academy of Sciences building, but their price will be 50% more expensive, with twice as shorter research time and granting half the net worth points in return for the spent resources. Science officer's Academy of Sciences level does not influence Alliance Technologies.


Collective word for profile, registration and Empire. Accounts are exclusive intellectual and technical property of Imperia Online and are just offered for temporary use of players who register in the game. All user's personal data is a strictly kept top secret which cannot be spread or abused anyway, anyhow.

Account linked to facebook  

If you link your account to your Facebook profile you can play directly from Facebook, invite your friends to play along with you and receive special rewards.

Active wars  

All currently fought wars in the realm along with their temporary results. Active wars icon is situated in the footer menu below the Village map.

Age of majority  

The age at which all Great people reach adulthood. Upon turning 16 all Great people become full-fledged member of Imperia Online society and you can marry them, send them abroad as Marriage Candidates, appoint them Governors and Generals to different holdings, send them in attack, choose their skills, etc.


1.Players, who in the last 12 hours for realm speed x4/5 hours for realm speed x10 have attacked you or someone you made dynasty peace with, but have not been attacked by you in the last 12 hours for realm speed x4/5 hours for realm speed x10. The first attack against them will not apply honor penalty on you. For Pillage attack, punishment with 4 honor points always applies.

2.The alliance which is the one responsible for war declaration.


Group of players sharing their own strategy with each other. Alliance members gather joint resources and invest them in Alliance Technologies affecting all members, waging wars, Alliance Buildings, cultural and military influence expansion. Allies can support each other in an economic and military way via gold transfer module. Alliances are ranked in a separate ranking based thoroughly on the total sum of all members’ net worth points.

NB! A player can join the same alliance only twice.

Alliance administration  

Each level allows the foundation of two Rally points if the alliance points are at least 5 000 000. Alliance administration determines also the resource amounts members are allowed to donate. The donation percentage ranges from 5% of player's net worth points in gold equivalent at level 1 to 33% at level 15. Alliance Administration lvl 1 allows for the construction of 2 rally points and the appointment of 1 commander in the alliance. Every next level of Alliance Administration allows for 2 more rally points and 1 more commander in the alliance. Maximum level - 15.

Alliance announcements  

A message sent to all alliance members. Announcements are an exclusive right of leaders and officers, they arrive in violet envelopes and are saved in Announcements tab of Messages menu. They are chronologically displayed - the oldest message at the bottom of the window and the newest one – at the top.

Alliance army  

Troops, gathered in a rally point or in an alliance castle, donated by alliance members. Once donated the military units cannot be withdrawn. Army recruitment implies increase in net worth points, and army donation implies the opposite.

For more information about alliance troops click here.

Alliance buildings  

Ordered with the four types of resources, gathered in the alliance treasury. Alliance buildings can be constructed in rally points and alliance castles. They have different effects - for example, enhancement of the alliance holding's defense or expansion of the influence range. Prices and time are lowered by Construction Officer’s Architecture level.

Alliance castle  

A castle with its own buildings, already belonging to one alliance. The alliance castle is conquered only by alliance armies sent from a rally point or another castle. Conquering a castle grants cultural and military influence expansion throughout the Global map, thus, leading to participation in the battle for winning the realm.

For more information about alliance castles click here, here, here, here and here.

Alliance donation  

Voluntary deposits which, however, are limited. Alliance Administration determines the maximum amount of resource donation each member can make. The higher the level, the more resources the members can donate. The donation percentage ranges from 5% of their net worth points in gold equivalent at level 1 to 33% at level 15.

Members can also donate diamonds to the alliance treasury. Donating is limited to 340000 diamonds per day. Purchased and expiring diamonds can be donated to the alliance treasury. Once donated, purchased diamonds are considered expiring for 336 hours. The expiring diamonds are donated with their current duration.

For more information about donations click here.

Alliance holding  

Collective word for all Global map spots or zones an alliance takes control over. Alliance holdings are the castles and the rally points.

Alliance influence  

The unique alliance castle feature. Cultural and military influence is expanded through the special building: The Great Temple. Alliance influence grants bonuses and benefits for the empires of allies located in the influence range. It also imposes penalties for war enemies. Dominating influence achieves the goal of conquering the Global map thus leading to winning the realm.

For more information about Alliance influence click here, here and here.

Alliance message  

A message that can be related to all aspects of alliance context – invitations to an alliance, messages informing about a change in alliance standings or in alliance tax, alliance battle reports, alliance army relocation, troop donations, influence range bonuses, elections for leader and free war alerts. Alliance messages arrive in a blue envelope and are saved in System tab of Messages menu, labeled Alliance.

Alliance military message  

A message informing about an alliance army attack upon an enemy holding or an enemy invasion on one of your alliance owned holdings; army donations and alliance army arrivals. Alliance military messages arrive in a pink envelope and are saved in System tab of Messages menu, labeled Alliance military.

Alliance mutual assistance  

On condition that you participate in an alliance, once per hour you can ask your allies to assist you for faster construction/research of 1 building or 1 technology that is currently in progress. Each of your allies will be able to reduce 1 minute of the construction/research time of the requested building/technology. Mutual assistance is limited only within the alliance so you won't be able to assist players outside of it. Find the option in Town hall.

Alliance points  

The overall sum of all members' individual net worth points.

Alliance Premium  

Package of bonuses on a monthly basis which can be activated no matter if you're part of an alliance or not. The Alliance Premium provides you with valuable advantages against your opponents. If you are a part of an alliance, you get bonuses even if you do not have an active subscription, provided at least one ally has an active subscription. By subscribing, however, you increase the total number of alliance subscribers and thus make for greater bonuses. The more subscribers, the greater the advantages against your opponents. The subscription is monthly and once activated, it renews automatically every 30 calendar days. You can cancel it at any time, but then the bonuses will be reduced or canceled after the following subscription due date. When changing an alliance, your subscription stays active and gets added / subtracted from the total number of subscribers in the alliance, which increases / decreases the bonuses received by everyone.

The highest level of the bonuses will grant you with the following goods:

- percentage bonus to the defense
- daily Happiness bonus
- percentage bonus to the Barracks' capacity
- hourly income in resources every day
- percentage bonus to the quest rewards
- bonus to instant construction limit
- item Economic schematic
- item Economic design
- Legendary Mystic Box
- item for population growth bonus
- percentage bonus to army attack
- percentage bonus to the Depot station capacity
- percentage bonus to the army speed
- hourly income in army every day
- more affordable Imperial Merchant prices
- bonus to instant research limit
- item Military schematic
- item Military design
- Epic Mystic Box
- the following spy packages including information about different bonuses: Special resources and wonders, Alliance development and Alliance Premium, Morale, Military items, Military researches and Premium

Alliance ranking  

Alliances are ranked according to four parameters: points (the total sum of net worth points of all members), military points (won in wars and alliance battles), alliance value (gold equivalent of invested resources in Alliance Technologies, donated army and buildings / 1000) and controlled territory on the Global map.

Alliance Reinforcements  

An alliance mechanic, which allows players to send armies to help their allies. Sent armies automatically fight alongside the receiver's troops.

• Reinforcements can be sent only between players participating in the same alliance. Alliance novices can't send or receive reinforcements until they are approved as full-time members.
• Reinforcements can be sent only to provinces and colonies. Reinforcements can be sent only from provinces.
• The upkeep of reinforcements is paid by the receiver while they are deployed on his side. While travelling the upkeep of reinforcements is paid by the sender.
• Reinforcements join the troops of the receiver (if he has any) and participate in battle alongside them as a whole army. Generals can not be sent as reinforcement.
• Reinforcements participate in battle with the battle technologies of the receiver. There is no requirement for the receiver to have higher class units unlocked in order to receive them as reinforcement. I.e. a player who has only light units unlocked can receive elite units as reinforcement, but they fight with his lower levels of technologies.
• Losses from reinforcements are calculated proportionally according to the ratio of participating soldiers of the receiver and participating soldiers from reinforcements. For example: in a single battle there are 1000 swordsmen of the receiver and 2000 swordsmen from reinforcement, for a total of 3000 swordsmen. In the battle the losses amount for a total of 600 swordsmen and these losses are divided as follows - 200 from the receiver and 400 from the reinforcement.
• The recovery of lost units from reinforcements are based on the recovery percentage of the receiver.
• The receiver can not move reinforcements to a holding different than the one they were sent in. He also can't use them in attack. Reinforcements can not be deployed inside of a garrison.
• Reinforcements can be recalled by the sender at any time. Reinforcements can be sent back by the receiver at any time. When there are less than 5 seconds remaining till a battle reinforcements can neither be recalled, nor sent back.
• Reinforcement auto-return to their sender in the following cases:
- if the receiver does not have enough gold for their upkeep (goes into negative gold);
- if the receiver or sender leave the alliance;
- if the receiver activates Vacation Mode;
- if the receiver or sender are blocked by the administration;
- if the holding in which they are deployed gets destroyed.
• Reinforcements are visible in spy reports but their sender is anonymous.

You can send reinforcements from the options next to each ally in Alliance -> Members menu. After that they can be managed from your Command center.

Alliance standings  

Diplomatic status towards another alliance. Peace standings require retorted confirmation in order to come into effect. Agreement annulment as well as declaration of hostility or war is a unilateral action.
There are 5 types of alliance standings in Imperia Online: Peace Treaty, NAP (Non-aggression pact), Neutrality, Hostility and War.

For more information about alliance standings click here.

Alliance tax  

Set by the leader, first officers or finance officer in the four resource types separately, i.e. individual quotes with a limit of 30% each, and exacted from all members.

Alliance Technologies  

Ordered with the four types of resources found in the alliance treasury. Alliance technologies grant additional levels to all members’ personal technology levels. Prices and time of alliance technologies are lowered by Science Officer’s University level.

For more information about alliance technologies click here.

Alliance technology calculator  

An engine where you can insert the current level of a certain alliance building/alliance research and the level of Architecture of the Construction Officer/the level of University of the Science Officer in order to calculate the price of a higher level. It is located in the Technology tree.

Alliance Treasury  

The place where funds in all four resource types are accumulated either as a result of members’ tax or by limited voluntary deposits.

Alliance value  

The current net worth points value of the Alliance, i.e. the gold equivalent invested in all alliance facilities and possessions: Technologies, buildings and troops /1000.


1. A member of the same alliance.

2. An alliance in NAP or Federation.

Annexed province  

A territory conquered by the player and over which he has full rights - to construct, produce resources, exact taxes, recruit soldiers, order attacks, etc. In order to annex, a vacant Centralization level is required. There are two types of annexed provinces - from independent cities and from empty terrains. The annexed independent cities maintain their preset buildings and population. Any troops present in the fortress siege disappear along with the available resources. You can annex both free terrains and independent cities peacefully. If you wish you can also attack and annex an independent city but then buildings will drop one level down. The annexation of vassals is also possible.

For more information about annexed provinces click here and here.

Archer (Army Unit Type)  

Infantry units, that have additional attacks at the start of battle, and excellent Fortress defenders when Garrisoned. All Archer units can Attack the enemy from a distance, but they have limited ammo to do so. They have the ability to Attack the defending Garrison units during Fortress Assault.

Archer units are best countered by Swordsmen and Cavalry.

All Archer units are Ranged units.
All Archer units are Infantry units.
All Archer units have their Priority Deployment on the Archery Line.
All Archer units are trained at the Archery Barracks.

Common Unit Abilities:

+ Long Range
+ Higher Ground
+ Suppressing Fire
+ Rain of Arrows

- Vulnerable to Swordsmen
- Vulnerable to Cavalry
- Hand-to-Hand Disadvantage
- Anti-personnel
- Weak Morale
- Quiver

List of Archer units:

- Light Archer
- Heavy Archer
- Elite Archer

For details on Archer unit stats, click here.

Archer Commander  

One of the skills available to Generals upon leveling up. Increases the Attack of all Archer units. Level 1: +2% Attack; Level 2: +4% Attack; Level 3: +6% Attack; Level 4: +10% Attack; Level 5: +15% Attack

Archery Barracks  

Military Building.
Type: Local, Training
Prerequisite Technologies: Military Doctrine 1, Ranged Attack 1
Maximum Level: 20

Allows the training and upgrade of Archers. Each level increases the Training Capacity of the building.

Units that can be trained include:
- Light Archer
- Heavy Archer
- Elite Archer

Archery Instructor  

One of the skills available to Governors upon leveling up. Decreases the Training time for all Archer units. Level 1: -5% Training time; Level 2: -10% Training time; Level 3: -15% Training time; Level 4: -20% Training time; Level 5: -30% Training time

Archery Line  

Battle Line.
The Archery Line is the Priority Deployment of all Archer units. It always deploys behind the Frontline and units in this Line have 1 to 3 preliminary attacks, before Melee battle begins.

During Field Battle, the Archery Line is divided into three Divisions: Center and two Flanks. Different types of Archers are proportionally deployed across the three Divisions.

Troop Divisions in the Archery Line can only be engaged in Melee after the Frontline Division in front of them has been destroyed. Destroying a player's Archery Line Division with your Melee troops grants the opportunity for a Flanking Attack against his remaining Frontline Divisions.

During both Fortress Assault and Fortress Sacking, the attacking Archers are compounded into an Archery Line with no Divisions.

During both Fortress Assault and Fortress Sacking, the defending Archers do not form an Archery Line, but are a part of the defender's Frontline instead.

Archers that deplete their ammo will maintain their position at the Archery line and will only enter battle again if engaged by enemy Melee units.


One of the skills available to Governors upon leveling up. Increases the Houses capacity. Level 1: +4% capacity; Level 2: +6% capacity; Level 3: +10% capacity; Level 4: +14% capacity; Level 5: +20% capacity


A research which affects buildings' construction times and prices. It decreases the time 0.30 times from the basic time and the price - 0.02 times. Level 25 allows the building of the 16 Wonders of the realm.


A research which boosts all units' (except siege engines) hit points. +5% per level, as the maximum level taken into account is 50 (total sum of individual and alliance levels).

Army donation  

Military units granted to the alliance by its members and sent via Global map to a Rally point or an Alliance castle. The troops become alliance property at the moment they are unloaded and the net worth points won from the recruitment are removed from donator’s current net worth points and are added to alliance value points. Once donated, the troops cannot be recalled.

For more information about alliance army donation click here.

Army Drills  

A research which increases initial Morale value in defense and in attack. 1 Morale point per level.

Army queue  

Adding training groups in a queue in case the player runs out of barracks vacancies, but still has free groups, allowed by the Military Doctrine level. The groups will get trained one after another. If you dispose of enough resources and population you can recruit and/or upgrade all your remaining free groups at once, but don't forget they will still be queued. The first training group of the queue in the same province and the same barracks can be instantly trained for diamonds. Every group below 6 remaining hours requires 170 diamonds. Instantly training one group implies recalculation of the other queued groups' remaining times.

NB! Army queue is not available while the Empire is under attack*.

*There is the following exception: This option is unlocked under attack when there is a drastic difference between the golden equivalent of the attacker's army and the gold equivalent of the net worth points of the defender.

Army relocation  

Sending units from one province/colony/military post to another. There are two ways of moving the army: with buttons "Move to garrison" and "Move to field". The first button sends the selected units in descending order of upkeep, filling in automatically the garrisons of the selected provinces/colonies/military posts. The second button distributes the selected units proportionally through the fields of the selected provinces/colonies/military posts.

NB! The defender cannot relocate troops to and from the province under attack if less than 5 seconds are left until the impact.

Army safe  

Sending the army on a long-distance mission to an abandoned empire (recommended), own far away colony (also recommended), active player's or abandoned Empire during the time you plan to be offline. It aims to save it from undesired enemy raids while you are away. Before leaving the Empire to have some well-deserved rest, send the army on travel for the exact time you intend to be offline, considering traveling time in both directions. In this way you won't have to spend extra gold on army upkeep on a mission. If you have a huge amount of resources stashed in your Empire which you are not able to spend at once but you don't want to risk leaving them unprotected you can gather all resources in the capital and leave your army there. This is in case you are sure there is no one with army capable to win against yours.
In Imperia Online there is also a special option called Evasion which allows you to send your army away for the desired time without selecting a specific target.

Artillery (Army Unit Type)  

Artillery is a type of Ranged Siege Engines. According to their profile, they may prioritize as target either the enemy Fortress or their Army Units. Artillery units are always deployed on the Artillery Line.
During Fortress Assault, the Artillery units that can simultaneously attack the Fortress are subject to an Artillery Assault Limit. The limit depends on the level of the attacked Fortress: the greater that level is, the more siege engines can attack it simultaneously. The Artillery Assault Limit is filled with units in descending order of Attack rating.
The Artillery Assault Limit for Level 1 Fortress is 4 Artillery units, and this number generally doubles for each incremental level of Fortress.

Common Unit Abilities:

+ Long Range
+ Scattershot

The currently existing Artillery units are:

- Catapult
- Ballista
- Trebuchet

Artillery Assault Limit  

The Artillery Assault Limit determines the maximum number of Artillery Siege Engines in the Artillery Line that can attack a particular Fortress simultaneously during a Fortress Assault.

The Artillery Assault Limit prioritizes Siege Engines in the attacker's Artillery Line in descending order of Attack rating.

The Demolitions Assault Limit is fixed and entirely depends on the level of the attacked Fortress, as follows:

Level 1 Fortress: 4 Artillery Assault Limit
Level 2 Fortress: 8 Artillery Assault Limit
Level 3 Fortress: 15 Artillery Assault Limit
Level 4 Fortress: 30 Artillery Assault Limit
Level 5 Fortress: 60 Artillery Assault Limit
Level 6 Fortress: 125 Artillery Assault Limit
Level 7 Fortress: 250 Artillery Assault Limit
Level 8 Fortress: 500 Artillery Assault Limit
Level 9 Fortress: 1000 Artillery Assault Limit

Artillery Line  

Battle Line.
The Artillery Line is the Priority Deployment of all Artillery Siege Engines. It always deploys as the hindmost Battle Line and units in this Line have 2 to 3 preliminary attacks, before Melee battle begins.

The Artillery Line always compounds all the Artillery units of both the attacker and the defender; it has no Divisions

During Fortress Assault, the defender's Battering Rams are deployed in the Artillery Line and remain inert. During Field Battle and Fortress Sacking, all the Battering Rams of both the attacker and the defender are deployed in the Artillery Line and remain inert.

Ask a player  

It is the place where players can report bugs or any irregularities, ask questions and clear doubts out.


Emperors who have attained the trait Disgraceful can be killed by the player, meaning that the successor will ascend to the throne immediately. In order for the option to be unlocked there is also another condition: the Emperor must have at least one grandchild.

Assault Limit  

The Assault Limits determine the maximum number of units of a particular type that can attack a Fortress simultaneously during a Fortress Assault. The Assault Limits depend on the attacked Fortress' level, and as such may vary.

The currently active Assault Limits are:

- Infantry Assault Limit
- Demolitions Assault Limit
- Artillery Assault Limit

Assault Line  

Battle Line.
The Assault Line is only formed during a Fortress Assault. It is composed of Battering Rams and Melee Infantry troops which attempt to bring down the enemy Fortress walls, while being shot at by Garrisoned Archers and Towers.

The Melee Infantry troops that can attack simultaneously in the Assault Line are subject to Infantry Assault Limit: a limit equal to 3 times the Base Garrison of the attacked Fortress. Melee Infantry above that limit is deployed on the Frontline, where it will await to replace any losses in the Assault Line.

The Assault Line Infantry composition prioritizes Swordsmen over Spearmen; units of the same type are prioritized in descending order of Attack rating. Cavalry is never included in the Assault Line.

The Battering Rams that can attack simultaneously in the Assault Line are subject to Demolitions Assault Limit: a limit equal to 3 times the Base Garrison of the attacked Fortress, divided by the Operating Crew of the attacking Siege Engines. Battering Rams above that limit are deployed on the Frontline, where they will await to replace any losses in the Assault Line.

The Assault Line troops are subject to Hit Points penalty according to the enemy Moat level.

Assault Line and Frontline troops share the same Morale; if the Assault Line is Routed, so will be the entire Frontline. If the enemy Fortress id destroyed, Fortress Sacking begins: all the remaining Assault Line Infantry joins the attacker's Frontline, all the remaining Battering Rams return to the Artillery Line.


Move all provincesunits to one province.


1. The military interaction between two players, between two alliance armies or between a player and independent cities. The attack ordered by one player and targeted to another implies the conduction of three types of battles: Fortress Siege, Field battle and Pillage, and it's visible for the defender right after having been ordered, in case it lasts for less than 60 minutes, and 60 minutes before the impact, in case mission time is more than an hour. The attack ordered by the leader of one alliance and targeted to engage another alliance army implies the conduction of either Fortress siege or Field battle. The defender will see the attack right after it's been sent. The attack ordered by a player targeting an independent city is subdivided into three types according to the final aim of the attack: attack for annexing, for turning into a vassal and fortress siege for looting resources.

NB! The attacker cannot recall the army when less then 5 seconds are left until the impact.

2. Unit parameter determining the strength and the damage infliction of the unit. The attack of a certain unit type increases with accordance to the class – light, heavy, elite, and is boosted by Range attack and Melee attack levels and Premium. The units with the highest attack values, regardless the class, are all siege engines.

Attack for annexing  

An option available by clicking on the respective independent city via Global map only if there is a vacant Centralization level. It sends the troops to fight in a Fortress siege battle against the independent city Fortress walls and garrison with the purpose of conquering the province and obtaining all the rights over it.

NB! In order to form a winning army composition, spy on the independent city, transfer the data into the Battle simulator in the Fortress and make various simulations until getting a winning result with the less losses possible.

Attack for turning into a vassal  

It sends the troops to fight in a Fortress siege battle against the independent city's Fortress walls and garrison with the purpose of making its population regular tributepayers to the Empire.

NB! In order to form a winning army composition, check independent city's army before sending your troops.

Attack penalty  

Attack parameter points’ drop due to attacking out of range - 3% per every 0,1 coefficient difference out of the allowed range of net worth points x2, valid only when the attacker is the bigger account.


One of the skills available to Generals upon leveling up. Increases the Morale of the army when attacking. Level 1: +2 Morale; Level 2: +4 Morale; Level 3: +6 Morale; Level 4: +8 Morale; Level 5: +12 Morale

Automatic succession  

Automatic selection by the system of the heir of the Emperor after his death.

For more information about automatic succession click here.


An image a player uses in-game to be easily recognized by others. It is located in the profile. Abusive avatars can be reported by other players (at least by 3) and banned by the administration. A user banned for abusive avatar for the first time cannot upload a new avatar for 24 hours, if banned for the second time – for 168 h, and for the third time – for a whole year. Abusive avatars are considered the following general cases – pornography, nudity, racism, fascism, swastika and any other images that could wound someone’s dignity.

Average happiness  

Happiness value valid for the whole Empire and determined by number of population and local current Happiness values.

1st province population x 1st province Happiness + 2nd province population x 2nd province Happiness (etc., if there are more provinces) / whole Empire's population = Empire's average Happiness level