Common word for all participants in the military development of one Empire, soldiers and engines. Units can be classified in various ways, as it follows:
- according to their strength and efficiency - light, heavy and elite;
- according to their physical nature – soldiers and siege engines;
- according to the way of movement – infantry and cavalry;
- according to the way of engaging enemy troopsranged and melee;
- according to their field of activity - military and non-military.

Unit Range  

Ranged units' fire jet.

Unit upgrade  

Turning a lower class units into higher class units of the same type if you have the required research levels. You can upgrade light and/or heavy units to elite units of the same type in the fourth tab of each barracks building. You don't need population for that. The upgrade cost is the difference between the total price of the higher class units and the total price of the lower class units. The training time is the one of the higher class units. Siege engines and spies cannot be upgraded. If you dispose of enough resources you can upgrade all your remaining free training groups at once, but don't forget they will still be queued.


The symbol of knowledge and enlightenment along with the Military University and Academy of Sciences. University, available only in the capital, is the building where all Economic Technologies are developed. Its levels decrease the Research Time by 0.5 times per level from the basic time and the price by 0.02 times per level. Level 20 allows the construction of Academy of Sciences.


Unit's parameter determining the wage one unit requires per hour for staying on duty in your Empire/colony/military post or for being on a mission. It is automatically subtracted from capital's available gold. If you don’t have gold or if it’s insufficient, your army generates negative gold. Fortress garrisons do not require upkeep. The upkeep of a traveling army is higher than the normal one. While on a mission, it requires 1,2 times bigger upkeep than while being in the empire.

For more information about upkeep click here and here.


The name a player registers with and automatically becoming the name of his Empire. Once created, usernames cannot be changed. Registering a username in one of the realms in Imperia Online reserves you the right to use the same username in all realms and no one will ever be able to take it.