Earned diamonds  

The diamonds you have received without using one of the payment methods listed in Get Diamonds tab of the Premium menu. Earned diamonds can be used for all paid in-game extras and functionalities. They cannot be donated in the alliance treasury and cannot be transferred between realms within your global account.

Earned diamonds are:

- the diamonds earned from the Tutorial;
- the diamonds earned from the Wheel of fortune;
- the diamonds you draw out of the alliance treasury.

Economic building  

Common word for all buildings which affect the economic aspect of the Empire.

Economic research  

Common word for all Technologies which affect the economic aspect of the Empire.

Economy statistics  

Allies' economic reports all officers and leaders see in Alliance menu, Members tab.


Measures if an annexed provinces or a colony produces to its full capacity. Every following annexed province is 10% less efficient compared to the previous one. This means it produces 10% less resources. In order to exploit all provinces to their full capacities, it is necessary to research Bureaucracy. Each Bureaucracy level increases the production efficiency by 5% without getting it above 100%. On the other hand, the first basic colony has a 90% efficiency and every colony after that is 10% less efficient. To this percentage is added half of the penalty for distance. The research Colonial bureaucracy boosts the efficiency with 5% per level (not exceeding 100%). The possible distance between your empire and the colony is limited by the researched levels of Colonial logistics.


Choosing a leader via nomination and 24 hour voting period with members’ own net worth points. Each ally can nominate himself up to 4 times.

For more information about elections click here.

Elite Archer  

Army Unit.
Trained in: Archery Barracks
Prerequisites: Ranged Attack 20, Centralization 11

• Type: Ranged, Infantry, Archer
• Priority Deployment: Archery Line

+ Long Range: This unit has 3 extra Attacks in Field Battle or Fortress Assault, before melee begins
+ Higher Ground: If garrisoned, this unit is boosted during Fortress Assault – Attack x 4
+ Suppressing Fire: During Fortress Assault, this unit can attack the garrisoned defenders with Attack x 0.2
+ Rain of Arrows: Attack x 3 vs. Spearmen

- Vulnerable to Swordsmen: Against this unit the Attack of all Swordsmen is increased
- Vulnerable to Cavalry: Against this unit the Attack of all Cavalry is increased
- Hand-to-Hand Disadvantage: Attack x 0.33 vs. Swordsmen
- Weak Morale: Attack x 0.33, when engaged by a Melee unit
- Quiver: 18 shots; when ammo is depleted, this unit maintains its position until engaged in melee

For detailed unit stats, click here.

Elite unit  

The elite military unit class. Defends and attacks most easily elite Fortress class levels – 7, 8, 9 and 10.
Elite units: elite archers, phalanx, guardians, paladins and trebuchets.


Losing certain number of population at the time of migration.


1.The emperor is the greatest among all Great People. He is the ruler of the entire empire and also governor of the capital from the very start. The emperor can also take the position of general in attack or defense. As a Warden General he can protect only the capital. As a general in attack you can send him to invasion missions to other players or independent cities. When the emperor is appointed at one of these positions, he receives special bonuses exclusive for him.

For more information about the emperor click here.

2.A talent exclusively owned by the Emperor. It grants the bonus of +10 morale in every battle and +10 happiness points in the capital (The emperor is always governor of the capital.).

Emperor's skills  

Skills available only to the Emperor.

The full list of Emperor's skills can be found here.


1. All the holdings of a sovereign.

2. Short denomination of the holdings of the main Empire - conquered terrains within and around the exclusive zone of the player.

Empire relocation  

The option is available in the Empire tab in the Settings window. In order for you to use it, the following requirements should be met:

• There should be no other holdings except the capital;
• No active missions of any kind;
• Your Empire should not be under attack;
• The new location is completely random, it cannot be chosen by the player;
• Another relocation of the Empire is possible not earlier than one week after the last one.


1. Infiltrating spies in an enemy Empire aiming to get a successful espionage report revealing the available resources and army in the respective province/colony/independent city/military post. The more spies you have and the higher Espionage level you've researched, the bigger the chance for controlling your enemies.

The espionage works with a formula which gives equal chances for success when the technologies' levels and number of spies are equal.

For more information about how espionage works click here.

2. A technology which develops sovereign's and his subjects' intelligence abilities. Increases the chance for a successful reception of a espionage report, as well as the chance for your army's composition in attack to remain unknown for the defender.

Espionage message  

An intelligence message which may inform about enemy failed attempts for infiltration or about your spies being chased away from an adversary’s province/colony/military post. Espionage messages arrive in a white envelope and are saved in System tab of Messages menu, labeled Espionage.

Espionage Report  

Generated through Spy Infiltration in an enemy Holding, the Espionage Report consists of a detailed breakdown of the Holding's defenses. Information provided includes:
- Army numbers and composition
- Local Population numbers
- Fortress level
- Level of any of the following buildings: Moat, Curtain Wall, Towers, Rampart, Military Camp, and Field Fortifications
- Available resources in the Holding
- level of the Holding Warden and their skills
- Rewards (Barbarian Camps only)

Espionage simulator  

The engine which allows you to fill your opponent's and your own levels of Espionage/Counter-espionage and number of spies in the fields in order to calculate the chances for successful espionage/counter-espionage and/or the number of possibly lost spies.

The espionage/counter-espionage works with a formula which gives equal chances for successful espionage when the technologies' levels and number of spies are equal (in attacker and defender).


An option to send your army away for a desired period of time without a specific target in order to avoid its destruction by enemy's raids. The maximum duration of an evasion is 12 hours.

Events Calendar  

Accessible by clicking the icon to the left of the server clock, the event's calendar menu is consisted of Event calendar tab and Tournaments calendar tab. The Event calendar tab contains a schedule of promotions that will be available in the game during the current month. The tournament calendar provides information about upcoming tournaments, including details on registration start dates, tournament start and end dates.


It is placed in Throne Hall menu. You can follow your account's evolution there: see various stats divided by days. The information is based on your actions performed only during the current season of the realm.

Exclusive zone  

A space of 36 points on the Global map reserved only to its owner. In the center of the exclusive zone lays the capital of the Empire. It is surrounded by 4 free terrains, which can be annexed peacefully and 4 independent cities which in their turn can be looted, annexed or turned into vassals. The exclusive zone's borders are visible to other players. However, independent cities cannot be seen from other users, only annexed provinces and vassals are shown.

For more information about the Exclusive zone click here.


An option which allows you to remove a noble in case you're not contented with them, you may send them to exile. The Emperor/Empress cannot be sent into exile. Sending a noble to exile deprives you of taking advantage of their skills' bonuses. Nobleswho are candidates for marriage or with pending invitations to the Imperial Court, as well as nobles below 16 years, could not be sent to exile.


What the Empire spends – army upkeep, alliance tax, loan payments, constructions, Technologies, recruitment, festivals, colony establishments, alliance donations, fortress repair.

Experience points  

Points which governors gain for staying on their post or generals gain for leading successful battles. Earning experience points increases the experience level and thus opens the access to new skills.

For more information about earning skill points check here and here.

Expiring diamonds  

Diamonds with expiration date. Expiring diamonds may be used within a limited period of time from the moment of their receipt. There are limitations of their use:
- You may only buy expiring items in case you have expiring diamonds.
- Expiring diamonds can not be transferred to another realm.
- Special resource Diamonds does not grant bonus to the amount of Expiring diamonds purchased with a special offer.
- Purchased expiring diamonds get loaded in the account only upon the account owner's login or action in the game.
- Expiring diamonds cannot be transferred in the new season.


"Food" for the population, exported from Farms with surplus of food, to Farms which lack of "food".