Military rank conferred to players with 50 000-74 999 military points.

Major General  

Military rank conferred to players with 225 000-324 999 military points.

Manual succession  

Appointing a successor to the Emperor manually by the player.

For more information about succession to the throne click here.

Market Relations  

A Technology that has a positive effect on your expenses on the Marketplace. Each level reduces by 2% the basic trade commission of 40%.

Market tolerance  

A Marketplace feature. Allows the user to set manually (Via Marketplace menu >> Settings tab) the difference between the prices of the potentially bought offer and the current one on sale without any warning window about price change popping up. This difference can go from 1% to 50% or can even be set to buy any offer regardless the price. The higher is the market tolerance percentage, the bigger the chance to purchase a more expensive offer.

Example: If the current lowest price for iron is 2 and your market tolerance is set to 10% by default, then you will be buying iron uninterruptedly at price up to 2.2 gold without being warned by the system for any change in price. If you set the tolerance to 1%, when iron's price gets above 2.02 gold while you are still buying, the system will inform you right away.


Economic Building.
Type: Local
Prerequisite Technologies: Trade 1, Market Relations 1
Maximum Level: 10

Allows you to place Market Offers, in order to sell resources you don't need, or to purchase resources you need that other players have placed on the Marketplace. The amount of resources you can sell is limited by your Market Capacity.

Allows you to trade with the Imperial Merchant.

Each level of Marketplace allows you to place one additional Market Offer.

Marketplace levels 1-5 increase the Market Capacity by 50 000 per level. Levels 6 and up increase the Market Capacity by 150 000 per level.

By default, the Market Capacity of the Empire is cumulative from the Capacities of all Marketplace buildings. When a Province is under attack, each Marketplace building in the Empire is limited to its own Market Capacity instead.

Marketplace Offer  

The amount of resources a player offers for sale on the Marketplace at a certain price. It's possible to withdraw the offer up to 1 minute after sending it, but you won't receive back the posting commission. The offer lasts for 12 hours. It shows up on the Marketplace between 5 and 10 minutes after posting it only if it’s one of the top 5 cheapest offers. If the offer expires without anyone buying it, the resources are returned to the owner in the province it was published from.


Binding of two Great people so that they can give birth to an offspring, pass on to him/her their traits and so that the bloodline continues. A member of the Imperial family can marry one of the Nobles in the Imperial court or a Great person sent from another player with proposal. Nobles can only marry the members of the Imperial family and cannot be sent to other players with proposal for dynasty marriage. Unmarried members of the "Other relatives" category can only be sent abroad unless they appear again in the family tree due to the ascending of a new Emperor on the throne.
All Great people can only marry once and remain married for life. Divorce is not possible. When their spouse dies they become widow/er and cannot remarry.

Marriage Candidates  

Unmarried members of the Imperial family and members of the category "Other relatives" can be sent out to other Empires with an invitation for signing a dynasty peace. The proposal is valid for 24 hours and it may be accepted, rejected or just ignored. You can send Great people if they: have reached the age of majority; they don’t have any previous marriages; they are not sent on missions; they are not in the process of training and upgrade of their experience levels.

For more information about Marriage Candidate click here.


Military rank conferred to players with 750 000 - + ∞ military points.

Master of Trade

One of the skills available to Governors upon leveling up. Increases the Trade Potential of the holding. Level 1: +4% Trade Potential; Level 2: +6% Trade Potential; Level 3: +10% Trade Potential; Level 4: +14% Trade Potential; Level 5: +20% Trade Potential

Maximum resource capacity  

The maximum amount of each resource a province/colony can stash before the production is frozen. It is determined by the Fortress level. When the maximum capacity is reached the province/colony can gather even bigger amounts but it simply stops producing until the amount drops below the limit or a new Fortress level is built and activated.

For more information about maximum resource capacity click here.


Military order awarded to players with personal military achievements during a given season ( Warrior of the Day), to players from the top 3 alliances at the end of a given realm, for participation and achievements in special tournament realms, for participation in special events. Medals for achievements within the alliance are also awarded.


The only research which enhances population growth (+5% per level).
It also increases the lifespan of your Great People.

Medium tax rate  

Fourth tax level. 80 gold for 100 workers per hour. Takes 30 Happiness away per 24 hours.

Melee (Army Unit Type)  

Army Units with the Melee type need to be adjacent to the enemy to execute an Attack. Upon reaching each other, the Melee units of both armies begin to exchange blows simultaneously.
In battle, the Melee units fight in the Frontline, Flank or Center, depending on their Priority Deployment.

The currently existing Melee units are:

- Light Spearman
- Heavy Spearman
- Phalanx
- Heroic Spearman
- Light Swordsman
- Heavy Swordsman
- Guardian
- Heroic Swordsman
- Light Cavalry
- Heavy Cavalry
- Paladin
- Heroic Cavalry
- Battering Ram

Melee attack  

1. A research which upgrades all melee units' attack parameter. +5% per level, as the maximum level taken into account is 50 (total sum of individual and alliance levels).

2. Man to man combat.


The main means of communication between players from the same realm. It is a short text sent from a source to a receiver. There are ten categories of messages in the game: Transactions, Alliance, Gamemaster, Alliance military, Tribune,Private, Military, Espionage, Announcements and Others. When you receive a new message it shows up next to the profile picture above the Village map in a differently colored envelope. You can find all messages after that in the different sections of the Messages menu. All messages older than 2 weeks are automatically deleted.


One of the main effects of Happiness value. If your happiness points are below 100, you will always run in population losses. However, if your points are above 100 there will be no positive effect - population will not immigrate to your empire.

For more information about migration click here.

Migration group  

A group of certain number of Empires (active in the last 168 hours and with equal or approximately equal net worth points and time of registration) formed every minute in order to be determined which of them will gain and which lose population at the moment of daily migration on the basis of average Happiness comparison.

Military Administration  

А Technology that increases the number of military posts on the Global map you can establish. Each level permits the foundation of one more military post.

Military Architecture  

A research with effect on Fortresses. Decreases the necessary time for building Fortresses by 15% per level and increases the garrison number by 10% from the basis.

Military builder  

One of the skills available to the Emperors upon gaining a Governor level. Decreases the Construction time of Military Buildings. Level 1: -1% Construction time; Level 2: -2% Construction time; Level 3: -4% Construction time; Level 4: -6% Construction time; Level 5: -10% Construction time

Military building  

Common word for all buildings which affect the military aspect of the Empire.

Military camp  

A special buidling in military posts which grant deployment of soldiers in the holding. Every level of Military camp allows the deployment of 120 000 field army.

Military discipline  

Military technology which decreases the threshold at which appears a chance for your army to flee. The new threshold starts at 40 morale and chance to flee increases progressively by 2,5% for every morale point below 40.
There is also alliance technology Military discipline that decreases the morale threshold at which appears a chance for the alliance army to flee, using the same logic.
Both the personal and alliance technologies can be researched to level 1.

Military Doctrine  

A research which allows the sovereign to conduct several simultaneous attacks and recruit several training groups at the same time. Every level of the research increases the number of attacks sent at once by 1 and the number of training groups recruited simultaneously by 3.

Military economist  

One of the skills available to the Emperors upon gaining a Governor level. Decreases the Upkeep of all troops. Level 1: -1% Upkeep; Level 2: -2% Upkeep; Level 3: -4% Upkeep; Level 4: -6% Upkeep; Level 5: -10% Upkeep

Military Logistics  

А Technology that increases the distance from the Empire at which a military post can be established. 1st level grants distance of 20 Imperial miles from the Capital. Each subsequent level grants an 8% increase over the previous level and additional 5 Miles to the radius.

Military Medicine  

A research which gives the sovereign the know-how of recovering more killed units after the battle. Increases the percentage of recovered units after a battle by by 0,5% for attackers/1% for defenders per level. Maximum recovery percentage - 65%.

Military message  

A message containing a battle report. All battle reports, defensive and offensive, arrive in red envelopes and are saved in System tab of Messages menu, labeled Military.

Military points  

Measurement for the military achievements and commanding abilities of players. Military points are earned in battles with other active players and in defense against barbarian camps. A killed army worth 5000 gold equivalent is equal to 1 military point. Different destroyed Fortress levels give certain amount of military points too. Pillaged population grants military points as well but only in a war and accounted just to war score. Attacking destroyed fortress and an independent city does not bring the attacker any military points.

For more information about Military points click here.

Military post  

A holding that takes 1 point (1x1 IM) on the Global map and can be established anywhere outside the exclusive zones, with the exception of independent cities or special resource terrains. Its main function is to protect the trading posts because they have no defending army. In order to perform this function, the military post must have a common border with the trading post. Thus the enemy must first destroy the military post and only after that will have the opportunity to attack the trading post. Military posts can be built next to other holdings but have a defensive effect only on trading posts.

For more information about military posts click here.

Military Post Manager  

One of the skills available to Generals upon leveling up. Increases the deployment limit for troops in a Military Post. Level 1: +2% limit; Level 2: +4% limit; Level 3: +6% limit; Level 4: +10% limit; Level 5: +15% limit

Military research  

Common word for all Technologies which affect the military aspect of the Empire.

Military Scientist  

One of the skills available to the Emperors upon gaining a Governor level. Decreases Research Times at the Military University. Level 1: -1% Research Times; Level 2: -2% Research Times; Level 3: -4% Research Times; Level 4: -6% Research Times; Level 5: -10% Research Times

Military unit  

Common word for all units, soldiers and engines, which participate in a battle and can inflict damages.

Military university  

The symbol of knowledge and enlightenment along with the University and Academy of Sciences. University, available only in the capital, is the building where all Military technologies are developed. Its levels decrease the Research time by 0.5 times per level from the basic time and the price by 0.02 times per level. Level 20 allows the construction of Academy of Military Sciences.


Common word for all buildings where resources are produced.


One of the skills available to Governors upon leveling up. Increases Iron Production. Level 1: +2% Production; Level 2: +4% Production; Level 3: +6% Production; Level 4: +8% Production; Level 5: +12% Production


Troops' march on their way to the target or on their way back to the Empire of origin. An army on a mission is a moving army ready to attack or has already attacked. Mission's time is reduced by Cartography and War horses (in case of an army consisting just of cavalry units) levels and Special resource 'Horses', but no mission can last for less than 2.5 minutes, in peaceful times, and 10 minutes, in a war.


Military Building.
Type: Local, Add-on, Defensive Structure
Prerequisites: Fortification 1, Military Architecture 3, Fortress 4
Maximum Level: 10

Fortress add-on. During Fortress Assault, each level of Moat decreases the Hit Points of all units in the enemy Assault Line by 2%.


Letting the already trained units get out of the barracks and be deployed in field or garrisoned. If training groups haven't been mobilized manually, they are automatically mobilized after 18 hours pass from training's end upon the first login.

NB! The mobilized units are deployed in the province they have been recruited from, NOT in the province they are mobilized from.


A factor with either negative or positive effect on some statistic or feature, changing the base values.

Modifier with global effect  

Daily or single time modifier with effect on the whole Empire, regardless the province/colony it was applied to.

To read the whole list of modifiers with global effect click here.

Modifier with local effect  

Daily or single time modifier with effect just on the province/colony it was applied to.

To read the whole list of modifiers with local effect click here.


Economic Building.
Type: Local
Maximum Level: 15

Each level of Monument grants +2 daily bonus to Happiness in the Holding.


Army’s fighting spirit which depends on the overall behavior of the player. Both armies start to fight against each other with basic Morale of 100.
Morale can be raised by Army Drills levels, alliance daily bonus for Leaders, First Officers and Commanding Officers and positive Honor, and can be decreased by negative Honor and attacks out of range. Each round Morale drops due to fatigue and damage and when it drops below 50 there is a progressively increasing chance for the army to flee.

For more information about Morale click here, here and here.


Popular denomination of a player using multiaccounting.


Use of more than one account in the same realm with the purpose of interacting and benefiting in an illegal way. Multiaccounting is totally forbidden and strictly sanctioned by temporary or permanent deprivation of access to the respective accounts.

The reporting of supposed multiaccounts is executed via e-mail: The reporter is always investigated before the reported one.

NB! Similar usernames are NOT a premise for multiaccount accusations and definitely NOT a plausible and reasonable proof.

Mutual aid

Mutual aid is an alliance technology where each level adds 1 minute to the time reduction when Alliance mutual aid is used.

My friends ranking  

A ranking that shows your Facebook friends progress. You can also invite your friends to join the fun and receive rewards.