The statistics showing how satisfied with the sovereign’s rule the population is. There are many factors - daily or single time, which cause increase or drop of the current happiness. These effects should be considered carefully so no unexpected unpleasant results occur. The main consequence from low happiness (not recommended) is emigration, riots and rebellions. The closer to its maximum the happiness of a province/colony is, the happier the population will be and respectively - the smaller the chance for emigration and riots.

For more information about happiness click here.

Happiness balance  

The overall sum of all local or global daily happiness modifiers for the current 24 hours between two migrations. The happiness balance is the statistic determining if the Happiness will be rising or dropping every minute. It is calculated over a 24 hour period, i.e. if the Happiness balance is +24/24h, 1 Happiness point will be added to the current happiness value every hour. The happiness balance is showed in green in the left wing of Happiness window.

Happy tax  

A button located in the tax menu. It sets all taxes in the annexed provinces or colonies at a rate corresponding to a positive happiness balance.


Economic Building.
Type: Capital, Add-on
Prerequisites: Palace 1
Maximum Level: 16

Palace Add-on. Allows you to pay resources to level up your Generals. Each level after the first one of the Headquarters increases the received experience from training by 5%. Each 2 levels allow for the simultaneous training of an additional great person. At level 16 of the Headquarters up to 8 great persons can be trained simultaneously.

You can train your Great People through their Profile and Trainings tab in tab Warden Generals in the Palace.

Healer Scientist  

One of the skills available to Generals upon leveling up. Increases the limit of Unit Recovery after battle: Level 1: +1% limit; Level 2: +2% limit; Level 3: +3% limit; Level 4: +4% limit; Level 5: +6% limit

Heavy Archer  

Army Unit.
Trained in: Archery Barracks
Prerequisites: Ranged Attack 10, Centralization 6

• Type: Ranged, Infantry, Archer
• Priority Deployment: Archery Line

+ Long Range: This unit has 2 extra Attacks in Field Battle or Fortress Assault, before melee begins
+ Higher Ground: If garrisoned, this unit is boosted during Fortress Assault – Attack x 4
+ Suppressing Fire: During Fortress Assault, this unit can attack the garrisoned defenders with Attack x 0.2
+ Rain of Arrows: Attack x 3 vs. Spearmen

- Vulnerable to Swordsmen: Against this unit the Attack of all Swordsmen is increased
- Vulnerable to Cavalry: Against this unit the Attack of all Cavalry is increased
- Hand-to-Hand Disadvantage: Attack x 0.33 vs. Swordsmen
- Anti-personnel: Attack x 0.25 vs. Siege Engines
- Weak Morale: Attack x 0.33, when engaged by a Melee unit
- Quiver: 18 shots; when ammo is depleted, this unit maintains its position until engaged in melee

For detailed unit stats, click here.

Heavy Cavalry  

Army Unit.
Trained in: Cavalry Barracks
Prerequisites: Melee Attack 10, War Horses 10, Armor 10, Army Drills 8, Centralization 6

• Type: Melee, Cavalry
• Priority Deployment: Flank (Frontline)

+ Charge: This unit is boosted in the first round of combat – Attack x 1.5
+ Close Combat: Attack x 4 vs. Archers
+ Equestrian Combat: Attack x 2 vs. Swordsmen
+ Maneuverable: This unit is boosted when fighting in a Flank – Attack x 1.2, Hit Points x 1.2

- Vulnerable to Spearmen: Against this unit the Attack of Pikemen and Men-at-Arms is increased
- Short Reach: Attack x 0.17 vs. Spearmen
- Rider: This unit cannot attack during Fortress Assault
- Close Quarters Disadvantage: This unit suffers penalties during Fortress Sacking – Attack x 0.5, Hit Points x 0.5

For detailed unit stats, click here.

Heavy Spearman  

Army Unit.
Trained in: Infantry Barracks
Prerequisites: Melee Attack 1, Military Doctrine 2, Centralization 6, Army Drills 8

• Type: Melee, Infantry, Spearman
• Priority Deployment: Flank (Frontline)

+ Polearm: Attack x 2 vs. Cavalry
+ Spear Wall: This unit is immune to Cavalry's Charge bonus to Attack

- Vulnerable to Archers: Against this unit the Attack of all Archers is increased
- Hand-to-Hand Disadvantage: Attack x 0.5 vs. Swordsmen
- Light Troop: This unit suffers penalties when fighting in a Center – Attack x 0.9, Hit Points x 0.9

For detailed unit stats, click here.

Heavy Swordsman  

Army Unit.
Trained in: Infantry Barracks
Prerequisites: Melee Attack 10, Armor 10, Centralization 6

• Type: Melee, Infantry, Swordsman
• Priority Deployment: Center (Frontline)

+ Assault Troop: This unit is prioritized in Frontline composition during Fortress Assault
+ Close Combat: Attack x 2 vs. Archers
+ Shield Wall: This unit is boosted when defending – Hit Points x 1.2

- Vulnerable to Cavalry: Against this unit all Cavalry has Attack x 2
- Heavy Troop: This unit suffers penalties when fighting in a Flank: Attack x 0.9, Hit Points x 0.9

For detailed unit stats, click here.

Heavy unit  

The medium military unit class. Defends and attacks most easily heavy Fortress class levels – 4, 5, 6.
Heavy units: heavy archers, heavy spearmen, heavy swordsmen, heavy cavalry, catapults and ballistae.

High tax rate  

Fifth tax level. 100 gold for 100 workers per hour. Takes 50 Happiness away per 24 hours.

Hit points  

Unit's parameter, implying life, durability, resistance to enemy's attack. Hit points of a certain unit type increase with accordance to the class – light, heavy, elite, and is boosted by Armor levels and Premium. The units with the highest hit points values, regardless the class, are all siege engines.


A section of the Inventory menu, accessible through the button in the upper right-hand corner of your Main Screen. All the chests you receive throughout the game are stored within the Hoard, including chests from Diamond purchases, Barbarian Camp destruction, Lottery rewards, etc.
You can access the Hoard, and claim the contents of a chest at any given time. You can only open one chest of a given type per 12 hours.
The Hoard has no contents limit. The contents of the Hoard are impervious to enemy attacks, and cannot be lost.

Holidays protection  

An option that can be activated by every player but only during holidays previously announced by Imperia Online team and for limited periods determined by Imperia Online. While activated, the account cannot be attacked neither can send attacks. Army cannot be sent to Evasion. Meanwhile, the account can be accessed, Buildings can be constructed, Technologies can be researched, army can be recruited etc. All attacks sent to the respective Empire before the activation will still be performed. Alliance battles do not fall under any rules of protection whatsoever. Attacks to independent cities for pillaging resources, attacks on barbarian camps are also not possible. Attacks on the Dark fortress, Skull of wonders, Tower of Knowledge and Stone Prison are possible. Army upkeep will not be taken although it will look as if it is taken in Statistics menu (army upkeep will be taken in case you attack the Dark fortress, the Skull of wonders, Tower of Knowledge or Stone Prisonthough).

* Both, Vacation mode and Holidays protection, can be activated solely if you currently don't have troops on a mission, except evasion and movement between holdings. Please, note that army upkeep will be taken on evasion and movement mission during a vacation mode.

Homeless Population  

Homeless is the population that gathers upon having already reached the population limit allowed by the current level of Houses. Homeless population growth is twice lower. It can be recruited for army, but cannot be hired in the mines and, thus, doesn’t produce resources. To make use of it, you should build enough levels of Houses.


The statistics that shows each player's military behavior - whether he/she conducts equal battles and fights in a rather civilized way. Honor is earned in battles with active players but not unless the following requirements are fulfilled: losing at least 10% of your own army's units and attacking within the allowed x2 range. All players receive +2 daily Honor points and Diplomacy Officers +1 additional Honor point every day. Honor is lost upon performing pillages, attacks out of range and recalling your army 15 minutes or more after it was sent. Positive and negative Honor influence the army morale and the happiness of your empire.

NB! Honor penalty for pillaging is taken after the battle finishes and, thus, it is shown in the battle report. Honor penalty for attacking out of range, though, is taken right after the attack has been sent, so it is never shown in the battle report and Honor is always subtracted even if the attack is recalled.

For more information about Honor click here.


This standing allows war declaration without any consequences to the Honor. Hostility is active right after its declaration.


Buildings civilian villagers live in. Their levels increase the population limit of a province.

How to play?  

Imperia Online’s official full manual. It contains all the detailed information, a player might need at some point, organized in modules and topics.