Offensive defeat  

Losing a battle in attack.

Offensive general  

One of the two types of the post General. An offensive general is appointed at the time you send your army in attack. Every Great person, who has attained the age of majority, can be assigned to the post, including the Emperor. Offensive generals lead your army in invasion mission against other players or independent cities and can be sent on only one mission simultaneously. As a leader of the army offensive generals grant special bonuses from their skills during the battle.
When an offensive general loses a fortress siege, field battle or pillage attack, there is a 5% chance that he might fall slain by the enemy.

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Offensive Tactician

One of the skills available to Generals upon leveling up. Increases the Attack of all units in the attacking army. Level 1: +1% Attack, Level 2: +2% Attack, Level 3: +4% Attack, Level 4: +6% Attack, Level 5: +10% Attack

Offensive victory  

Winning a battle in attack.


Common name for all officers in second loyalty stage.

Officer Candidate  

Military rank conferred to players with 3 000-7 499 military points.

Officers’ wing  

Alliance structure unit consisting of all officers. Officers’ wing members have individual special bonuses.

Optimal income  

A button located in the "Hire workers in all provinces" menu. It hires the whole population first and foremost to produce the resources with highest bonus; if the bonuses are equal, the population is hired to produce first on iron, then stone and finally wood.

Ordinary member  

An ally with no particular rights in the alliance and no special bonuses.

Other messages  

A message giving operational information regarding the result of recent actions, daily routine events or alerting the player about upcoming expiration dates, start or end of restriction periods or any other system detail every player should be informed about. Operative messages are always received in yellow envelopes, but, since there are several types, each of them is labeled in a different way in System tab of Messages menu as it follows:
- Army mobilization – a message informing about automatically mobilized groups of soldiers in training.
- Festivals - a message informing about the subscription to a festival with gradual effect paid with diamonds as well as the amount of diamonds taken automatically for the service.
- Expansion - a message informing about successful annexation of a province; establishment of a colony, military or trading post; vassalization or destruction of a colony, military or trading post.
- Premium - a message alerting about Premium activation or expiration.
- Army Arrival - a message containing information about arrived army after mission.
- Great People – messages about failed espionage by a dynastic relative; newborn great people; death of great people; suggestions for aristocrats, etc.
- Gifts - messages informing you about a received gift during a gift session or automatically opened gifts.

Other relatives  

A category which appears upon changing of the Emperor. The siblings of the ascending heir, along with their families move to the category Other relatives. If any of them is appointed a successor to the new Emperor, and becomes an Emperor in his turn, his family will move again to the Family tree.
Unmarried Great people from this category, cannot marry anyone from the Palace but can be sent as Marriage Candidates to other players.

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